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We created our Stays-Put™ holsters out of necessity. We simply could not find a holster that concealed the outline of a firearm; allowed easy extraction from a pocket or purse, no matter how loose or tight; and was economically priced.


We are proud to introduce the STAYS-PUT Ultra Concealment Holster. Our holsters are simple, functional, durable and, unlike almost all the others, custom-made in the U.S.A. We’ve tested it extensively and are convinced it is the finest small-caliber concealed carry holster available.



What's the difference between our holster and "the other guys?"


The simple answer is: the fit and the fabric...


The fit is more contoured for a better grasp on the grip,
while providing better trigger guard coverage.

The fabric is a revolutionary bonded microfiber which,
conforms to shape and grabs on to pockets.



Stays-Put pocket holsters provide all the features and performance of any top quality concealed carry holster without the high price. They are made of a unique 2 layer material. The inside is smooth to provide an easy draw, the outside is textured microfiber to stay put. They are designed to cover the trigger and magazine release, and tailored to the silhouette of the gun, so they don’t create an unsightly bulge.


These holsters have been tested in the real world for over a year in all sizes and shapes of pockets. They do not collect pocket lint and debris like some other brands. STAYS-PUT Ultra pocket holsters are priced well below the competition and fit many brands and models including: Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P-3AT, Beretta Tomcat, Kahr PM9 and others. Our new line of revolver holsters are ideal for the small J-Frame and "mini" revolvers, which are growing in popularity for concealed use. You get the same benefits and protection the Stays-Put offers for pistols in these models.
STAYS-PUT Ultra holsters fit many popular "mini-profile" personal defense firearms. View our "FIT INDEX" for specific compatibility.




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